Lacemaking Tools – Ebony Pin Pusher/Lifter

by Peter Smith on November 18, 2008

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a fairly large quantity of ebony a while ago, and in a form suitable for making Lacemaking Tools as well as Bobbins.  It is a lovely quality of wood with a rich shine that seems to come from within.  It’s lovely to work as well.

These Pin Pusher/Lifters are the pencil grip style and are an ideal two in one tool.  Many Lacemakers seem to prefer this as you can sort out your pins either by pushing or lifting all in one session as you need to move your bobbins around rather than having to use two separate tools.

You can see more details of them here => Lacemaking Tools – Ebony Pin Pusher

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New Random Wood Lacemaking Bobbins

by Peter Smith on November 7, 2008

I’ve written before about Random wood, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  These lacemaking bobbins are without a doubt in the former category.

This set of Random Wood Lacemaking Bobbins are made from a fairly dark wood with a close grain and fine markings, somewhat reminiscent of chocolate in color.  The wood has a velvety texture and glows gently, showing off the colour variations in the grain of the wood.  The wood was a joy to turn.  I think it is probably a Rosewood, but it is almost impossible to identify it for certain so Random Wood it remains.

You can see more of them here => Random Wood Bobbins

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New Maple Lacemaking Bobbins

November 4, 2008

I’ve been having quite busy few days trying out different woods – hard Maple this time. I only had a couple of blanks so there are just two of these lacemaking bobbins. Maple is a hard wearing, heavy wood with a straight grain and fine texture. The heartwood is a light reddish brown, whilst the […]

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New Pernambuco Lacemaking Bobbins

November 2, 2008

Pernambuco is a wood I haven’t turned before, but I acquired a few blanks in the bundle that Stuart Johnson gave me a few weeks ago. It is also called Brazil Wood. It is a heavy, hard wood which is tough and very durable with a generally straight grain and a fine, even texture. The […]

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Lazy Susan – Purple Heart Wood

October 29, 2008

I’ve just finished the first of the tools I shall be making in Purple Heart Wood, a Lazy Susan.  This is a tool that has any number of uses, mostly for doing sewings when it is difficult to use a crochet hook to pull the thread through.  Many people prefer to use a Lazy Susan […]

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New Purple Heart Wood Lacemaking Bobbins

October 20, 2008

You may recall a while ago I took a trip to Yandles and purchased some beautiful Purple Heart Wood, or Amaranth as it is sometimes called.  I have finished the first batch of lacemaking bobbins, and even if I say so myself they have turned out beautifully.  The wood is still quite purple, but will […]

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Getting Wood For Lacemaking Bobbins

October 13, 2008

There are only a limited number of sources of suitable wood for turning lacemaking bobbins.  As we only use small pieces in relatively low volumes the larger timer suppliers are not too interested in our custom.  Therefore we tend to refer back to old faithfuls when we need new material.  Stuart Johnson, as well as […]

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New Lignum Vitae Bobbins

October 2, 2008

New bobbins available for sale!  Made from Lignum Vitae , which is a heavy, dense wood which is slightly oily until it’s turned and polished.   The color varies from greenish to a rich nutty brown as it ages. The wood is subtly marked and takes a high polish. These bobbins feel silky smooth in […]

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A Trip Out

September 24, 2008

In addition to the occasional trip out for turning supplies, wood and  tools etc there are Lace Suppliers Fairs which flaminglacer just loves to attend.  Last weekend the Midlands Lace fair was at Rugby, only 30 or so miles away so needless to say we had to pay a visit. It gave me an ideal […]

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A Visit To Yandles

September 14, 2008

Last weekend was the annual Yandles of Martock Woodworkers Show. Yandles are one of the UK’s premier specialist timber and wood machinery suppliers and their 2008 show brought together many of the best equipemnt manufacturers, tool companies and other wood related demonstration stands – not to mention the opportunity to shop for wood for lacemaking […]

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